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Gotcha-6 Technologies combines the convenience

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Gotcha-6 Technologies combines the convenience of an Uber-like experience with an on-demand incident management system that will provide bussinesses accesss to industry experts and an alternative to costly support contracts covering a multitude of higher service offerings. Gotcha-6 will provide access to Resource Managers that will assemble the proper Subject Matter expertise quickly and seamlessly to drive your complext issues to completion.

If your business does not have the proper support contracts or in-house subject matter expertise, Gotcha-6 will bridge the hap and get your company the high-level support it needs. This is not a virtual Help Desk. Gotcha-6 will be providing on demand access to the highest skilled technical resources in the marketplace. It is a new paradigm in support functionality.

GOTCHA-6 services

Bronze Tier Service

This is best used when the issue is not critical in nature and you have time to start and stop the engagement without impacting the users or clients.

Platinum Tier Service

If your issues are critical and require immediate attention, platinum tier is for you.

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Gold Tier Service

If you have a little more time to fix the issue then choose the gold option.